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Even though the charms of Holi are innumerable, its magic inescapable and its vibrancy unavoidable, the appeal the festival has in Rajasthan is altogether different. Being itself a state shimmering with a wide spectrum of colors, Holi is a perfect occasion and celebration that matches with the identity and character of Rajasthan.

People of Rajasthan not only know how to celebrate life, they actually put in a lot of heart in their festivals which makes the charm of their celebrations distinct. It is for this reason that Holi has a special meaning in Rajasthan and it the way it is celebrated draws a lot of attraction and excitement with the locals and tourists from India and across the world.

Preparation for Holi start days before the actual festival and people brace themselves up to indulge in various rituals and customs. In contrast to the way the festival is celebrated across India and around the globe, Holi in Rajasthan is celebrated differently with lots of other aspects and rituals involved which makes the festival look much more colorful and impressive.

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